Whooo hoooo! Big update! Now, if I can only find 400 splinters.

Iceman cometh!

Bobby Drake is in the house! Time to tell enemies to 'Chill out'. ha ha... get it? Sigh.....

But seriously though, I know lots of people are looking forward to him and I really hope he's as awesome and as fun as he could be.

Punisher 52

About time. No, seriously. Anyone who played him knows that this guy definitely needs an upgrade badly. Power resource? Of course there's a new power resource for him. This is going to be Ammo! And you also get a new bad ass Battle Van as his Ult. Guess I get to play Punisher while trying to get 400 ES again.

Resource Leak... Fixed!

Well, maybe. Hopefully now, you won't have to relog after every few fights. Let's hope!

Hubs Waypoint

About damn time. Now theres a waypoint for the hubs so now you don't have to scroll through all the different chapters.

Other stuff

Just minor bug fixes. Get them here.



Published: 05 March 2015

Late post for me, but then again I didn't even realize today was patch day (I've been on vacation for the last week and a half). Here's what you need to know about Friday's patch!

So hopefully you know Omega already. If not, here's the quick down and dirty:

  • 24% daily increase in XP, SIF, and RIF! This is the best time for leveling up as the week progresses, you'll get some crazy bonuses.
  • Omega point leveling is also 24% faster. Heck yea
  • Get OMEGA files for shared quests and Holo-Sim waves. Do 5 waves and you're set!
  • Collect them all for some awesome items and cool stuff like an Agent Coulson team-up

Cosmic Chaos will continue until Midnight 3/1! Make the most of it and play all day Saturday. Clear your calendar!

Other than that, a bunch of bug fixes that really don't matter too much. Find out here!

Published: 28 February 2015

It's the return of last year's Mardi Gras/Carnival event!

Basically it's like last year's holiday and Halloween events where you can find random buffs to defeat certain bosses. Other than that....

  • Carnival Masks, Carnival Beads, and Mardi Gras beads can be turned in for Mardi Gras Fortune Cards
  • Login on Friday for a special Carnival Visual Artifact
  • Login everyday for a gift of 5 Eternity Splinters, 5 Cube Shards, Carnival Beads, Mardi Gras Beads, and a Carnival Mask!
  • 100% XP, SIF, RIF, with an additional 10% XP if you're in a party

Some additional bug fixes, especially for Winter Soldier. Hit the link for the full details! [Link




Published: 13 February 2015

Woop woop! Odin's Bounty is back! Love this event. It's like a weeklong midtown madness with the added benefit of Odin's Blessing.

Here's the schedule!

For those of you who aren't in Pacific Standard Time, please go here for the full list of schedule according to your time zone.

What else is new? A lot! Here we go!

Winter Soldier is here!


I haven't had a chance to try him out but from how Gazillion is releasing these new heroes, this one should be pretty good also. Use that bionic arm Bucky!

Captain America's 52 Review

About time. I know it's been a long time waiting for this but he's finally refreshed and apparently, better than ever. New power resource call Super Soldier Serum which allows for less cooldowns on his many revamped and powered up skills. I think it may be time to prestige him.

X-23 Changes

Basically 3 very good changes. Bleed has been overhauled so you don't need cleaving claws, Heart of Beast now revives you (guess that means I can retire my phoenix feather), and Dancing Blades now dash directly behind the target so you don't have to keep clicking around. Sounds pretty good to me!

Insignia Review!!!!

About time! Basically all the insignias have been overhauled. They have either added a personal buff in addition to the group buff and/or made the personal buff even better. Additionally, they added a bunch more. Time to go play and find out how awesome the new ones will be!

Of course there's the usual bug fixes and in case you really feel like reading it all, click the link!



Published: 07 February 2015


Finally a new event! It's all about the bovines and cows!

Basically it comes down to this: Bovineheim and the Confidential Cow Sector has been buffed up! The costs for the portals have also been reduced down to 100 and 45 Eternity Splinters respectively.

What's more is that you'll find cows....EVERYWHERE! ICP has been overrunned by cows! Bosses can summon even more cows! Oh and also, there's a 40% server side XP bonus. What else.... Oh right! If you login this Saturday, you'll be able to play with the Cow King himself, David Brevik. Look for him at 8am to 10am and 3pm to 7pm PST.

Australia Day!

Januaray 26th is Australia Day which means the return of Australia flags and Koala credits!

That's the jist of it. Click the link for other small changes


Published: 23 January 2015

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Monday, 20 April 2015
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