Hopefully Sunspot will be a great team up! Now, I would say most regular people do not know Sunspot very well. And I am also ashamed to admit that I also do not know Sunspot very well either. The only exposure I had to Sunspot was in X-Men Days of Future Past.... but I had to watch the credits to realize it was Sunspot and not Human Torch. But hey, we all got to start somewhere, right? Now, what does Sunspot do? This is what is said officially from Marvel Heroes:

The billionaire businessman from Brazil, Roberto da Costa’s mutant ability allows his body to absorb pure solar energy. Able to channel this energy at will, Bobby assumes a powerful solar form which grants him incredible strength and the ability to project solar energy to scorch his enemies. Supervillains be warned, sunscreen won’t help - if you mess with Sunspot, you’re going to get burned!

So sounds pretty good as solar powered burner!

Published: 07 October 2015

I hope everyone is as excited as I am with the release of Kitty Pryde!

For those who have grown up watching X-Men cartoons on Saturday mornings, Kitty Pride will sure bring a smile to your face. Additionally, if you loved Kitty Pride the last few X-men movies, played by Ellen Page, you will know that she has the ability to phase through solid objects as well as a certain level of telepathy.... and I guess to also be able to send people's consciousness through time.... I mean, yeah they had to do that so they can retcon the entire first trilogy but not exactly the same powers as in the comics.

Regardless, Kitty Pride is a welcome of fresh air here and chances are, she will be more like the comics. Here's a rundown of what her powers are like:

Phasing - Kitty's Phasing tree focuses on her mutant phasing ability which she uses to enhance various melee attacks, such as Watch Your Step where Kitty phases into the floor and renders the ground underneath enemies intangible, pulling them through the ground and damaging them. Movement powers such as Over Here and Walking Through Walls allow Kitty to easily pass through walls and floors to get the advantage on her enemies from where they least expect!

Lockheed - The Lockheed tree is all about Kitty's purple alien dragon friend. The main power in this tree is My Pet Purple Dragon, a toggle which decides whether Lockheed joins you in combat or not. While Lockheed is at your side, Lockheed’s own Spirit resource meter will appear over the experience bar, which is used instead of your own Spirit to activate any of Lockheed's attacks. When toggled off, Lockheed will leave your side, but Kitty will gain benefits of her own, such as gaining access to additional bleed effects and removing the shared cooldown on some of her Phasing & Ninjutsu powers.

Ninjutsu - The Ninjitsu tree is all about melee of the more traditional variety where Kitty shows off her deep knowledge of the martial and sword arts. Ogun’s Training is Kitty’s core offensive passive, with the knowledge gained from her possession by the assassin Ogun allowing her to wield a katana with deadly precision. Powers such as Phasing Samurai combine both her phasing and sword skills to dive below the ground and spring up directly beneath enemies to cut down unsuspecting foes.

Published: 07 October 2015

Yep! Odin's Bounty is back! Time to get your loot on. Please see the table below for your loot schedule:


Published: 19 September 2015

N'astirh has opened a portal from Limbo to Earth! It is up to you Heroes to stop this invasion!

1963 Legendary Mystic Scroll

  • If you find a Legendary Mystic Scroll, you can open it immediately a collection of sweet icons, including something Crimson, something Blue, something Ultimate and something Legendary. 
  • In addition, 63 of those Mystic Scrolls will be doubles, with double everything inside.
  • These Legendary Mystic Scrolls award in-game items and are available in all regions, with no paperwork or delay. As soon as you find them, you can open them up. They are very well marked, you can't miss 'em.

Bundles of 63 Eternity Splinters

  • For the duration of Mystic Mayhem, the rare 10-drop Eternity Splinters will be joined on all loot tables with Bundles of 63 Eternity Splinters.
  • The drop rate of the 10-pack bundles will also be doubled for the duration of Mystic Mayhem.

Hero Tokens

  • The demon hordes will not be put down easily - we'll need every hero we can get.
  • To that end, during the full duration of Mystic Mayhem, Hero Tokens can again drop anywhere in the world, in and out of Limbo, from any enemy.

Asgardian Runes

  • The chance of acquiring the very rarest Asgardian Runes will be increased tenfold
  • SIF/RIF/XP Boost
  • 63% server side boost throughout the entire Mystic Mayhem event

Strike on Limbo

New permanent mission: Strike on Limbo. Lead a strike team from Magik in Xavier's Institute to challenge N'astirh. You can even get things like a permanent +3 Power Point Upgrade and +63 Health Upgrade

Infernal Limbo

For the duration of the event, heroes may access a special gate to N'astirh's base in Limbo. Infernal Limbo is his specific domain and he's recruited beings from several dimensions as guards. You must fight through these guards and take down N'astirh before he escapes.

Time is limited. Level 60 heroes may access this gate to Infernal Limbo whenever they wish, with no restrictions. The assault team will include up to 5 heroes, automatically matched if desired. If a hero defeats each encounter within the time limit and defeats N'astirh himself, they are given the opportunity to complete a random follow-up mission, only available during Mystic Mayhem. 

The random follow-up missions are given by Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Magik, Clea or Forge. Each has a different series of objectives and award several Mayhem Coffers. There is a very rare follow-up mission awarded by Agent Stan Lee himself that players may receive.

Mystic Chests and Mayhem Demonblood

Bonus chance of dropping Mystic Chests, though they will be guarded by Mayhem Demons. Although defeating Mayhem Demons will give you a chance of getting Mayhem Demonblood, a new artifact.

New Artifacts



Published: 21 August 2015

It's Odins Bounty time again!

Here's the schedule for PDT Time zone. Schedules for other timezones can be downloaded here!

Details about new achievements, Jean Grey balancing and other changes can be found in the Patch Notes for Patch 1.66.

Published: 16 August 2015

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