Boy oh boy. Looks like we got a big one here! There's a HUGE patch coming out today so get ready for a long download. What's in the patch you ask?

Starting Screen

Looks like Winter Soldier is out and the Avengers are in! Good to see something new while you're logging in... or got disconnected because you're idle.

50% XP Boost for the Avengers

You know who they are. But remember, we're only counting the ones from the movie otherwise I basically figure everyone has been an Avenger. Additionally, there's a new label in your conditions panel which will say "Server" and this will now let you know how much bonus XP you're getting server side.

Ultron Sentries!

OMG! They're everywhere! ... just like normal Sentries but now they're super super evil? Go to Midtown or ICP to find them!

Black Widow Updates

Lots of good changes. Although it does say something that they need to re-fix her after her 52. Anyway...

  • Widowmaker Resource: Gone! Thank god.
  • Electric Bike: I guess everyone has a motorcycle now. On the bright side, you're not swinging around like a knock off Spider-man.
  • Silent Killer: Gone. Merged with Red Room Reflexes
  • Crippling Strikes: Renamed to Stinging Strikes for that close combat melee option.
  • Electric Batons: Single target spirit spender! Apparently Black Widow uses these in the Age of Ultron movie so it should be pretty nice. It has a chance to deal burst energy damage. If you're lucky enough to have the Fear Itself costume, Black Widow will use her dual swords instead.
  • Sweepkick: Bonus damage if done under stealth. Sounds pretty good to me.
  • Deadly Kick: Shared cooldown with Coup de Grace so this should be the melee version of it. Honestly, I can't see why Coup can't be used as a close combat finisher, but whatever. This should be your go to if you decide to use melee.
  • Coup de Grace: Updated damage and a lower cooldown. Pretty good. It will always be a critical hit also and does even more damage if the target has less than 50% health.
  • Snapshot: Added critical damage rating
  • Covert Sniper: Cannot miss! Pretty damn good. Let's hope it's waaaaaaaaaay better than what it was before.
  • Stinging Shot: Bouncing trash killer. Meh?
  • Stinging Barrage: Updated visuals using auto pistols.
  • Flawless Escape: Gone! Merged with Kevlar Reinforced Bodysuit
  • Twilight Cloaking Device: Added a DoT, stun, and health regen!
  • Widow's Kiss: Added slow and bumped to 8 second duration. Still a good opener!
  • Rolling Grenades: Also bumped to a 8 second burning!
  • Micro-Drones: Each drone now seeks out a random target in addition to one going directly to your mouse cursor. They all pack a small DoT but is non stackable so no more spamming these. Let's see if this is a good change.
  • Anti-Personnel Grenade and Timed Explosive/Detonator: No change. Come on... really? I understand APG but for the Timed Explosive and Detonator that has been a problem. Sigh......

Hawkeye Updates

  • World's Greatest Archer: Merged with Precise Aim, added spirit on crit.
  • Wave of Arrows: cone damage and added slow.
  • Trident Shot: Added damage, removed slow.
  • Three Arrow Burst: Removed added boss damage for higher base damage
  • Speed Loader: New single target burst damage and a higher chance to proc Trick Quiver
  • Rocket Arrow: Visual update and hits instantly so you do not miss! Thank god.
  • Boomerang Arrow: Replaced Harpoon Arrow. I'm sure you understand what this does.
  • Combat Training: Changed to toggle. But you can't have this and WGA at the same time though.
  • Ronin Assault: Spirit spender for the melee Hawkeye!
  • Ronin Lunge: Added speed and DoT (if toggle on Combat Training).
  • Fleet of Foot: Travel Power. I'm going to assume he's going to run faster. lol
  • Trick Quiver: all Archer powers will have a small chance to fire trick arrows.
  • Electric Arrows: No more scaling with Knockdowns.
  • Claymore Arrows: Reduced cooldown to 35 seconds but damage per tick has been reduced.
  • Avenging Arrow: adds a buff that allows Hawkeye to leave a burning DoT when striking enemies


  • Increased drop rates for Power Cubes in Cosmic areas
  • Loot and Difficulty for lvl 60 X-Def and Holo-Sim has been increased at higher waves. We'll see how good this is.

Axis Raid Changes

  • Sentinels will use their Freeze Ray more often
  • Onslaught should not target players with prison beam and in the prisons when they are using their Ultimates
  • Players should no longer remain in the Prisons after an encounter with Onslaught
  • Red Onslaught loot is finalized which includes 2 additional Reliquaries, 2 additional Power Cubes, and 4 additional uniques with at least 1 with challenge bonus.

Other Notable Changes

  • Rezzing other characters can no longer be interrupted by taking damage!! Awesome!

As always, hit the link for the full details! LINK

Published: 24 April 2015

Ohhh boy. Here's a good way to spend your tax return

Looks like it's 50% off all Heroes and Costumes. Damn. This is a pretty good deal. I'd get on this now while you can. Do it Do it Do it.

Published: 17 April 2015

Sorry for yet another late update. I guess I may need some help here. But before I get into that, here's the newest patch info!

Additional Commendation Awards

  • Genosha Daily Missions now award 4 Hero and 3 Protector's Commendations!
  • Genosha Weekly Missions now award 40 Hero and 30 Protector's Commendations!

Influence Genosha Liberation Force has been disabled. This looks like this has some problems and their time frame for fixing this is within the next two weeks. Let's see how this plays out.

And of course, hit the link for the full patch (which isn't too long anyway). LINK

Finally, I'm looking for one other person to help out with posts. There are definitely some benefits for someone to help me here as I will go into detail with them. If you're interested in helping this site grow, please send Ben an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Published: 16 April 2015

Easter Event

You get a special 1 time quest for the Easter egg hunt! Check your notifications to get this started. This will be available for the entire week so if you happen to miss it over the Easter weekend, you'll have 5 more days to do this. Go get your candies!

Operation Omega

I assume same thing as before. Come on, you know what to do. Get those omega files and points!

Axis Raid

The newest raid is here! This is the first public test but luckily, and according to the devs, the loot is all there. Additionally, the content has been slightly tuned down so you can give it a shot. This is the story about Red Onslaught, Red Skill + Onslaught, and he's out to occupy Genosha. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to take him out and and get I mean, restore Genosha. To access this raid, talk to Beast in Xavier's School.

Influence System Mechanic

Okay, so there's quite a bit to read about this new system, but basically, it's the new currency for Raid items. Previously it was Demon Hearts and Eyes but those are being converted to SHIELD Commendations. Eyes will be Hero's Commendations and Hearts will be Protector's Commendations. Champion's Commendations will be newly introduced for Red AXIS raid and the most difficult freshest raid. There is a weekly cap of 250 commendations from each source. Influence, for now, is basically attained the same way you attain the current eyes and hearts. Do Raids, Dailys, a weekly Mission, get a 24hr buff and kill stuff.

What do you get with Influence and Commendations?

When you do the AXIS raid, the Genosha Liberation Force Quartermaster will offer the following awards at the following influence levels:

0 Influence - Stack of Med-Kits

200 Influence - Recipe for Upgrade Medallion to Item Grade 66

900 Influence - Recipe for Upgrade Medallion to Item Grade 69; Item Grade 80 Legendary Item

1600 Influence - Recipe for Upgrade Insignia to Item Grade 69; Recipe to craft AXIS Raid Uniques, Stark Minaturized Sentinel Pet, Title: Liberator of Genosha.

***Also note, you do not spend Influence. Though you do spend Commendations***

StarkTech Upgrades

Okay! Looks like most items can now add a "Power Cube" to enhance them.

Power Cubes can drop from any cosmic game mode and from the Axis Raid. They are also Tradeable.

The Power Cubes offer a +1 to a random power, which can be any random power in the game, from any hero. There is a small additional chance that when you find a cube, it will be for the hero you are currently playing.

All grade 50 and over artifacts will automatically have a slot for a cube upgrade, while those that are lower can add a slot upgrade at the crafter. The crafter will have this recipe in the miscellaneous section at Crafter Rank 19.


That's it! Hit the link for the full details! Link


Published: 03 April 2015

Welcome to another great holiday around the corner as Marvel Heroes celebrates St. Patrick's day! (Please read the following in your best leprechaun voice).

Lucky Clover Buffs

  • 77% XP, SIF and RIF Buff
  • 4 leaf clover buff that offers you a chance to defeat a specific boss to receive special St. Patty's gifts (pretty similar to Halloween and Christmas). The loot includes a higher chance at uniques and other fun St. Patty's day themed items.
  • Guaranteed buff on the completion of your first shared quest
  • Return of the Pot O Gold legendary! Collect 3 Legendary Pieces of Rainbow to craft this!

Omega even is also around so go do your usual thing with those omega files (this part you didn't need to say in your leprechaun voice).


Once again, if you really want the full official list, go here

Published: 13 March 2015

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Monday, 20 April 2015
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